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Mission, Vision, Values & Goals


To provide people who are experiencing homelessness in Toronto the opportunity to manage their periods in a safe and hygienic way.



All people have the opportunity to manage their periods while preserving their dignity.




We value:

  • and recognize the plight of women who experience homelessness

  • a person's choice to manage their period on their terms 

  • the strength, diversity of thought and experience of the people we serve

  • the input we receive from people experiencing homelessness as to how we can best serve them

  • integrity and transparency in how we operate




  1.  Raise awareness on the issues that women who are experiencing homelessness encounter

  2. Provide enough supplies to as many people as possible so they can manage their period each month while they are experiencing homelessness

  3. Advocate for all people to have sufficient access to menstrual products no matter their financial situation



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