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Our Story

Red Dot Project consists of a group of four people that have a common passion - gender equality. While working together on completing an online training, on best practices while working in VAW (violence against women) shelters. The idea of this project was presented. Without hesitation, we all agreed and scheduled our first meeting to start planning on how we can make this a reality.

Two fundamental aspects that we feel are most important to us while doing this project are:

  1. Mestruators have enough supplies to manage their entire period.

  2. Menstruators are able to choose how they manage their period. 


While preparing to launch this project, we have learned about many great groups (both local and international) that have already started to do similar projects. We made sure to reach out, and will continue to reach out, to as many people who are doing similar projects so we can all be successful. Learning from each other and constant communication will ensure we are efficient in our operations.

Below are links to more information about us:



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